Subsidiary: German GmbH 100% owned by a foreign company. For further assistance on structure and how we can help please contact us

Branch office: A German branch office of a foreign company is called a Zweigniederlassung. It is fully dependent on the foreign head office (same as the Representative office) in terms of responsibility. The foreign HQ is fully responsible for all liabilities incurred by the German branch and can possibly incur lengthy and burdensome communications with the tax authorities over the branch’s tax assessments and liabilities. Please contact us for further details.

Holding company: Companies main activity is holding assets (direct or indirect shareholding of minimum 5%). Trading activities may also include offering services to the companies in which they invest and to the companies in the same corporate group.

German Virtual offices: We also arrange if needed a virtual German office which are extremely good value. This includes telephone, fax and mail forwarding.

Please contact us for assistance to structure a holding company. can also assist with setting up European entities as part of the holding structure through our sister company

Please Contact us for further assistance with any of the above German company registration structures or to obtain further information on our range of fully inclusive, German incorporation packages.

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